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06-21-2011, 03:52 PM
I too would like more variety in MSD options for the myriad of bridges out there. The problem is all those bridge options, have to then be cross referenced with most, if not all, vessels that each specific bridge, is married to. And like it or nor, peeps are going to choose a bridge type that has no business being matched to a particular ship. (I mean a Sovereign type bridge to a Defiant is just plain kooky, but there's nothing to stop it.)

The MSD project, if it were to ever happen, would be quite cumbersome. (Especially after seeing how much word was put into just 'one' MSD for a fan piloted ship. Impressive to be sure, but multiply that with 'all' the ships out there, and more to come down the C-Store pipeline.)

Personally, if a MSD project were to occur, there ALSO should be an update to the bridge LACARS layouts for many of the bridge types. I mean, the more I look at a Conn-Ops setup on some bridges, the more it's more like a danged computer center, and not enough of something logical in layout to actually pilot a ship. I mean it's all conjecture to what these layouts 'really' do, that the show scripts don't already then tell us, but the layouts in STO are too muddled and sorta... inefficient. PLus some LACARS layouts were poorly thought out. I mean some controls and displays are meant for Zentradi ot Robotech infamy, rather than standard crewmember boffs.

I would call for a total revamp of the bridge control scheme and layouts, along with MSD inclusion, and to satisfy those out there, bridge resizing options, for those that want smaller versions of many of these bridges. (Personally I like the large bridges, but not the illogical layout of some of them.)

All in the name of making the game better, and to feed homeless tribbles everywhere.