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06-21-2011, 04:16 PM
That's right. I noticed i have alot of shared cooldown with my current setup...

Tactical Team, Engineering Team and Science Team...

And if i want to run perma EPTS3 i will kinda have problems turning on EPTAux or EPTW... That is why i was counting on Attack Pattern Beta or Delta to give me an unshared cooldown buff on weapons. And even on low auxiliary power, i could use Hazard Emitters for a 11k heal on the fly or Polarize Hull to escape tractor beam.

Thing is my choices are limited for Ensign enginner BO power so i have to pick an Emergency power anyway even if it shares a cooldown.. I picked Auxiliary but i might as well pick Engine or Weapon.

So now i will try going with 4 beam arrays at max weapon power setting and i will add 4 torpedos. Im considering adding a Dual Bank on the fore and replace the breen cluster torpedo. Ive added chronition torp and chroniton mine at the aft... Might replace the mine by tricobalt later.