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06-21-2011, 07:07 PM
Originally Posted by Celestial_Fury
That's right. I noticed i have alot of shared cooldown with my current setup...

Tactical Team, Engineering Team and Science Team...

And if i want to run perma EPTS3 i will kinda have problems turning on EPTAux or EPTW... That is why i was counting on Attack Pattern Beta or Delta to give me an unshared cooldown buff on weapons. And even on low auxiliary power, i could use Hazard Emitters for a 11k heal on the fly or Polarize Hull to escape tractor beam.

Thing is my choices are limited for Ensign enginner BO power so i have to pick an Emergency power anyway even if it shares a cooldown.. I picked Auxiliary but i might as well pick Engine or Weapon.

So now i will try going with 4 beam arrays at max weapon power setting and i will add 4 torpedos. Im considering adding a Dual Bank on the fore and replace the breen cluster torpedo. Ive added chronition torp and chroniton mine at the aft... Might replace the mine by tricobalt later.
You won't have a problem running perma EPtS 3 and perma EPtX.

For EPtS 3, the cycle is as follows:

Fire the first EPtS [30 second duration, 45 second CD]. After 30 seconds, you can fire the second EPtS, giving you 100% uptime.

The GCD for EPtX of the same is 30 seconds, while different EPtX is only 15 seconds. Meaning you can do:

EPtS 3 - 15 seconds - EPtAux - 15 seconds - EPtS 3 - 15 seconds - EPtAux. Rinse and repeat for 100% uptime on both EPtS and Aux.