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Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
Yar. The Bird of Prey ships had their impulse and warp engines clustered in the centre fantail. I can't remember which was yellow and which was red right now, though. I remember first noticing it years and years ago when I was putting together a model of it and had to paint the inside of the clear engine cover.

On topic, the Hephaestus' lower hull has some transparency issues with the bow fork. There are some other issues with them listed in the starship errors sticky, as well.

I haven't played my Prometheus type in a while, have you ever added some impulse exhausts to the beta and gamma hulls, yet? They don't have to be visible when the ship is whole; but when it splits, they could be nice and prominent. Insofar as relating to canon, the Prometheus was a prototype ship, like a modern experimental fighter jet. It would not be a stretch of the imagination that changes would be made for the production model.
You have an incredible memory lol!