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06-21-2011, 07:38 PM
I'd like to see the Edison as an alternate skin for the Delta-class shuttle. I could go with a less Borgified look.

The Sacagawea would make a nice alternative to the Captain's Yatch. Not every ship has a Sovereign's torpedo turret.

I would quite like seeing the Tahoe-class in-game. I'm personally a fan of the Federation Flagship Ryan Dening designed (called Excalibur-class in Perpetual's days, and sometimes seen in Deep Space Encounters as a derelict) even though many have a scathing opinion about it. Even the Unknown concept with the hollows in its saucer (a.k.a. peace sign ship) figured in the initial trailers - could actually be nice to see all three meshed together as variants of a single configuration (since they have many lines in common) - I seem to recall it was actually so to a degree in early sneak peeks of 'ship customization'.

I could picture the Ramjet and Phoenix concepts as more modern alternate variants of the NX-01 Replica. I sure would like to see an NX-01 silhouette with a more modern appearance. The Nelson could be an alternate Defiant configuration.