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06-21-2011, 10:10 PM
Originally Posted by CapnLogan
I don't remember exactly anymore... but I think it was because there was a complaint that some red impulse trails were coming out of there, but there wasn't a clear area that illustrated where the trail was emitting from, so I invented a location for them.

In retrospect this seems like a bad idea, since it conflicts with canon.
i fully support some of these creative additions, its 2409 so there's likely to be visible upgrades here and there. the location of those red vents flanking the center impulse engine is what i always assumed was the location of some major warp drive components, so those vent make sense to me. if there was more of a budget for none starfleet hero ships durring show runs we would have seen more details like this anyway.

also with ships like the connie refit having phaser arrays in game, good! if they are seriously still in service they should have modern detail upgrades like that. the excelsior saucer should have the same thing too if they are still in service, a costume option with them would be nice, if there is ever time.

thanks so much for the excellent quality of your work, we appreciate it so much.