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06-21-2011, 10:51 PM
I hate the idea of splintering people away from Memory Alpha. I like seeing people outside their ships. It's supposed to be a social game, right? I even have a max char that just sits in there when I need to craft something, and if I leave to do an STF or daily I just hit my Transwarp to S39 option and exit the system to travel to Memory Alpha.

I have also had good rewarding experiences helping people craft. Those have been the most rewarding ones to me. To do something without asking for anything in return and perhaps leaving a good impression on a player. None of this would happen if I could just creep in my ship and pump out stuff without a care in the world.

I agree with the OP's idea for a Transwarp option to Memory Alpha. Perhaps it should be given as an option when you reach max level crafting. It would satisfy those who get annoyed at the travel and those who enjoy the social aspect of crafting in one place.