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06-22-2011, 04:59 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post

If you use EP2W and aim for 135 power, you wont have any major power problems with the weapons

My Cannon Excelsior - Tactical Captain - 60-62 total weapons drain (4x single cannon 4x turret = 40+32 minus 1st weapon)

Base energy 95, boosted to 114 (Perf, Efficiency and Borg Console) - powerlevel when shooting : momentarily down to 52 weapons (expected result)

Base Energy 95 + EP2Weapons (+24) = 125 (138) - Power levels when shooting : momentarily down to ~73 (expected)

Now for the interesting one

Base Energy 95 + EP2Weapons (+24) + Weapons Batt = 125 (213) - Powerlevels when shooting : Momentarily down to ~95

Explain that one, tried it with and without EPS Console with same result, easier to spot the lowpoint without EPS
So the conclusion? We can use 6 beams or even more and be efficient/effective with them? Am i wasting weapon slots if i add over 4 Beam Arrays?

By looking at your numbers we can see that there is a power drop upon firing ( which is expected ) but is it an acceptable drop DPS wise or is it too much of a drop to justify equipping extra beams?