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06-22-2011, 05:19 AM
I run a different setup on my SC compared to what has been shown here, but I will state firstly I am not running any kind of healboat. My heals are self-serving, only used on others when I am not the focus, or likely to be the focus of attention. My intent is to tank for as long as I can, and tie up the enemy while my comrades do something, or try to pull them to another location.

My current setup, although subject to change, is:

HY1 HY2 (And yes I will probably be putting in a copy of Tac team, I just haven't played my SC much lately)

EPTA1, Eng2 , EPTS3, Aux2Sif3
Eng1, RSP1, EPTS3

Sci1, PH2, HE1 (omg no TSS? lol, that's right)

2x Neutronium alloy, SIF generator, Field generator (+35%shield cap)
2x Halon, Biofunction Monitor
2x beam consoles

Devices: Eng, weapon and Aux batts + Subspace modulator. I'm considering replacing Aux bats with the Deuterium surplus, or maybe be an *** and get fighters

Aegis set equipped.

My passive resist without any skills or buffs running is 30% across the board. Defence 66.7%

My standard power levels are 65(81), 60(85), 25(56), 50(69)