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06-22-2011, 04:21 AM
Originally Posted by Aoav160 View Post
At least DS9 should be shared out.
Well as far as I know there will be a featured series including DS9, so most likley they will give us access then.....

Originally Posted by J-Lau
I think if this were the case then KDF can only access the Promenade and Exchange, and the Klingons and Federation have separate shipyards (Now located in the docking pylons, of course.
IF KDF gets access to DS9 it will be as "guests", why should they get an own shipyard? Also, programming a second shipyard is unnecessary more work to do that can be spend on more usefull things...

Originally Posted by Katic View Post
Here's what I think:

We (the KDF) should seize and claim Empok Nor for our own, we will rechristen it yoDjuH'a' vo' 'Iw. It's very name will freeze the hearts of our enemies.

It would only require the alteration of one mission Fed-side (the Long Night, make it some other Cardassian Station left over from the Dominion War set in Zeta Adndromedae), the art assets are already in the game, and the upcoming revamp of DS9 for the next FE could benefit us as well.

We should also seize a former Reman base ala Frozen, a Romulan D'Deridex Cruiser buried in an asteroid, with fully functioning cloaking device, would make an excellent advanced operations base in either the Psi Velorum, or Iota Pavonis Sector blocks, and again, the art assets are already there.

Throw in the long-promised KDF version of Diplomacy, and we could even get our own version of the Diplomatic Transwarp accolades (to Ganalda, Empok Nor, & ~buried D'Deridex~ respectively).

And, because we'll be gaining access to all sectors but Sirius, we could even mount a campaign for our own Advanced Heavy Battle Cruiser Retrofit with Sector-Transwarp.

All this would be possible with relatively little investment from Cryptic, I think, at least, little investment compared to creating two brand new KDF Stations, with their own assets, layouts, etc..
Nice Idea (although I prefer the Idea of Carriers as mobile outposts from Dees posts that I was to lazy to quote); still I'd prefer access to Ds9, its an Iconic place where eberybody should have access to, and it is an important social hub for RP.