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Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
And here they are, the Research and Development uniform variants.

Extrapolating from the technicians and scientific personnel seen in the various series and films, I took the colors and styles they used and applied them to the 25th Century uniforms. These look especially good when using Science and Engineering Kits, but pretty much any kit works well.

Research and Development Uniforms

A05 Uniform
A05 Project Leader Uniform
B01 Uniform
B01 Project Leader Uniform
Jupiter 03 Uniform
Jupiter 03 Project Leader Uniform
Jupiter 05 Uniform
Jupiter 05 Project Leader Uniform

These have been added to the Soft Canon / Fan Choice Uniforms section for easy reference. I hope you like them.


Coming soon: Starfleet Marine Corps Uniforms.

Those are all very fine and very welcome additions to the 25th century uniform variations! Nice job with them! a post or several back you said that with the Jupiter Veteran belt it wasn't possible to alter the colour of the hoops to match the uniform jacket like you could with the other Jupiter belt. I was wondering if you had made the devs aware of this issue and if so have they responded?