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Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
Nice Idea (although I prefer the Idea of Carriers as mobile outposts from Dees posts that I was to lazy to quote); still I'd prefer access to Ds9, its an Iconic place where eberybody should have access to, and it is an important social hub for RP.
Um.. Empok Nor is Terok Nors (DS9s) sister Station, same design, different actual Station. The Feds would still have DS9 proper, the KDF would get a mirror, taken (by force, preferably) from the True Way.

In fact, wouldn't it be cool if we got to see the entire process of the KDF seizing Empok Nor?

First, we get a new raid mission, where we attack & destroy True Way & Rogue Dominion Patrols.

Then, we get a defense mission, setting up a sensor net and automatic defenses for the requisite satellites to form a path for our forces to move through to Empok Nor. (A daily could be introduced afterward along the lines of the Traelus system Satellite Repair.)

Then, the invasion of Empok Nor itself, we lay siege to the barely operational station, invade it's labyrinthine halls, and force the True Way & their Alpha Jem'Hadar allies to surrender, die, or, surrender then die, their choice.

Then, we get the rarest of the rares, a KDF non-combat mission.
  • Tactical Officers re-arm the station, sweep it for "surprises" left behind, and interrogate any captured petaQ that have the dishonor of having survived.
  • Scientists repair & upgrade it's sensor arrays, heal injured members of the KDF, and recover any files still left in the Main Computer.
  • Engineers get to run around repairing damaged EPS conduits, the Turbolifts, the Shield Array, and upgrade the main Power core.

Each stage should be a week-long event, much like the FEs, it will help the KDF gain population, and can be replayed via mission replay once it's over for grinding XP. It should not come with gear rewards, as that will end up tempting the Devs to make it Faction Neutral somehow. (Don't put it past them, they'll do it!)

After all of them have completed, the KDF gains permanent access to yoDjuH'a' vo' 'Iw as their primary base of operations in the Alpha Trianguli System Block.