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06-22-2011, 05:07 AM
Today's topic: Allied race ships at lower tiers!

Develop Nausicaan, Gorn, Orion and maybe even Lethean ship options for each rank of your KDF player. Start with captain level ships and work your way down as popularity and time permits. These options do not necessarily need to flow along the same lines that we see with current ally and subject race ships. For instance, the captain rank Orion ship could be a light raider to make an alternate to the current captain level Raptor, the captain rank Nausicaan ship can be a 'siphon destroyer' that would take the role of a captain level science vessel and a captain rank Gorn ship could be a full cruiser of similar size and manueverability to the Galaxy class. Or whatever vessel race combination struck the developers fancy. It's a broad idea with wide application, so think of your own suggestions.

This could also easily lead into C-Store purchaseable T-5 'refits' of the most popular minor race ships. I mean, I know I'd buy a T-5 'siphon destroyer' in an instant and then try and make it work with a tactical officer commander.

Onto the questions.

Q1. It's been over a week since you posted one of these, what happened man?

Has it? Ohwell, guess I ran out of ideas, so sue me.

Q2. And this isn't nearly as controversial as your last suggestions!

Oh, I guess you're right. Sorry, I'll try harder next time.

Q3. When the majority of this game is played at End Game, do you really think it's wise to invest resources on KDF leveling content separate from PVE mission content?

Fair point. This perhaps would not be the most efficient investment of resources, I don't know, it would be very cool though.

Q4. I want the Klingon Defense Force to have more Klingon ships, not these weird little minor race ships!

Okay. But I want these weird little minor race ships far more than I want to see more Klingon ships. I'm sorry, I like Klingon ships, but I like Nausicaan ships more.

Q5. Yeah, but the Klingon Defense Force would never allow minor race ships to serve in such a large capacity in their fleets!

Really? Why not?

Q6. I dunno, this is your FAQ.

Oh, okay. Well, realistically there are three canon reasons that I can see to not allow minor race ships. 1. It concentrates too much power into a potentially disloyal military. This is resolved by still using a large number of Klingons in the crew and I would hope loyalty was more or less proven by the time someone gets their dangerous T-5 ship. 2. The ships themselves are inherently inferior. I don't think the ships are inherently inferior but even if they were, this is a non-issue since the KDF has always accepted the use of inherently inferior ships. I remember a particular episode of DS9 where the Defiant was protecting a group of freighters from a Bird of Prey and a freaking D7 cruiser, talk about out of date, and it showed when the Defiant got a lucky cannon spread and pretty much one shotted the thing while it was coming out of cloak. The Klingons have always had more warriors than ships and so have always been flexible when it comes to seeking honor in something a few years below the top of the line. 3. These ships would not be as widely available as the vessels of the much larger Klingon Empire. While I can see that to a point, there are still plenty of NPC Gorn, Orion and Nausicaan ships in game to give the impression these militaries are sizeable.

Q7. But, it's still the KDF!

Yeah, again, here's the thing with the KDF. They've conquered the Gorn Confederacy, with all of it's resources and ship manufacturing infrastructure. They're allied with the Nausicaans and Orions and all of their pirate fleets and the Letheans with all of their mercenary companies. Now, when it comes to these resources the KDF has three options. Shut them down for no benefit, coopt them and have them continue to craft the ships they're already building, or coopt them to build Klingon ships. The first choice gives no benefit except possibly freeing up resources to support the KDF in other ways, but there's a war on and ships are needed. The second choice gives the biggest immediate benefit as it requiers no adjustments to the existing infrastructure, this is the short sighted solution I expect from the KDF. The third choice is a security nightmare where resentful conquered Gorn and devious Nausicaans are made privvy to the Klingon technological secrets necessary to craft Klingon ships.

Q8. Yeah, but if we do this people are just going to start whining for refit versions of these ships or even upgrade kits to turn these ships into Tier-5.

Yeah, but since I think both of those are great ideas too, I don't see what the problem is.

Q9. T-5 Connie is what the problem is, CBS will never agree to it!

The upgrade ships debate is one to have elsewhere, but if a T5 connie is a game killing problem limit each ship to two tier upgrades. A TOS Fanatic would be able to fly his Connie around till T3 and end game would see ships from as low as Tier-3 being viable. The Excelsior was a T3 wasn't it?

Q10. But upgrades would...

I'm sorry, I cut you off there because this thread is not about ship upgrades.

Q11. On the federation side each of the three 'ships' they have at each class and level are interchangeable skins for basically the same vessel, are you suggesting the same for the KDF?

No, that would be silly. We'd have Birds of Prey with nausicaan tentacle nassels, it would be madness. No, these ships would be truly different vessels of the same level and they would not be capable of cloaking.

Q12. Didn't the Nausicaans surrender to them too, after the Gorn war?

Shut up! This interview is over!