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06-22-2011, 07:32 AM
in my experience 135 is the weapons energy level cap, so shooting for that if you run 6 beams is highly recommended if you want to deal damage. since you dont have enough tactical station powers for TT, a FAW, and THY, you would be better off getting a hold of 2 heghs to go along with your 6 beams, FAW II and TT 1, that's what i do with my galaxy R

the easiest way to get 135 power would be to run 2 copies of EPtW I. i would also suggest running 2 copies of EPtS II, ET III, Aux to Struc II, and buy RSP III for relatively cheap on the exchange. you should be able to deal decent damage, tank, and help those around you in a pinch, but at that point your not a support ship anymore. this is real close to my galaxy R build i use for pubing, and its good fun.