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06-22-2011, 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by Kasensal
I haven't had much experience with science vessels, but I'm leveling a Science captain now who will be dedicated to flying them.

I know almost nothing about space science powers however, or how to equip a science vessel.

So I'm looking for any advice, especially in the area of space science powers.. what's good, what's bnad, what is useful for which situations, and why?

Any replies appreciated.
Before they destroyed the forums there was a post in the Sci ship section for a Shield Shredder Science Build that was just wonderful but I can't seem to find anything like it now. I was hoping to find it as I've gone back to killing time with my Sci alt till season 4 goes live. I remember the basics of it, but I'm not sure if shield ripping is the style you are going for.