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Originally Posted by Blayyde
I have to give a similar response as bluegeek. My Orion girl, "Blayyde", earned her nickname when she was found, as a child, as the only survivor of a raid against Syndicate insurgent forces. She was holding a bloody dagger, and surrounded by bodies from both sides of the conflict.

Blayyde would likely laugh at accusations of cowardice, on the inside, but she's also aware of the importance of outside appearance, especially to Klingons. If one were to challenge her, she would meet the challenge head on. (And in keeping with her name, there is NO bladed weapon she is not an expert with, including the Bat'leth) She's actually not a seductive Orion female in the traditional sense, but she knows how to manipulate people, and can play the part of either Slave Girl or bloodthirsty KDF captain with equal skill.

The Timeline pretty much makes it clear that all of the Orions pretty much decided to blend in with Klingon culture when they migrated from their homeworld. Most of them probably see themselves as infiltrators and spies, but they can play the part. The same probably goes for the Gorn and Naussicans as well. And the mission text can only go so far, while I'd like to see some "backstabbing" or alternate choices for KDF missions that give you the chance to role play a more self serving type of character, I don't think it's that important.

Heck, even the Klingons have their version of Section 31, Klingon Intelligence, which is known for acting "dishonorably". Meaning, they are willing to stab their superiors in the back if needed to protect the Empire as a whole.
You put alot of thought into your toon I see...and to tell you the truth I do the same thing...put alot of though tinto the name of my toons and such....