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06-22-2011, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by KiraYamato
Those look fun.

Think I'll use the Jupiter 5 variant for my main R&D Character.

Thank you very much!!!!
Any time, man. I'm glad you like them.
BTW, the A05 variant has become my Standard crafting outfit. If you see me at Memory Alpha, that's what I'll be wearing.

Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Those look good. Good shade of orange. I especially like the B01 variants. I added these to a couple of my Engineer characters.

BTW, what was your inspiration for these? Forgive my ignorance, but which character(s) wore orange and white R&D unis in canon?
Orange was worn by Technicians (especially aboard space stations) in TOS and various DS9 episodes. White was worn commonly by Science teams in many episodes of the TOS series and films. I just combined the two to get the R&D look, since R&D would make use of both Scientists and Engineers.

Originally Posted by KiraYamato
Originally Posted by Alan_81 View Post
Those are all very fine and very welcome additions to the 25th century uniform variations! Nice job with them! a post or several back you said that with the Jupiter Veteran belt it wasn't possible to alter the colour of the hoops to match the uniform jacket like you could with the other Jupiter belt. I was wondering if you had made the devs aware of this issue and if so have they responded?
If he did, I hope he didn't try it with a PM. The most he'll get in response to a PM is an automated message saying, "We don't respond to PMs. If there is an issue you wish to inform us of, please visit Atari Support."

And when you get there, there are so many hurdles to jump through that it's easier to just leave the site and wait for Ask Cryptic to try bringing their attention to the issue.
I sent up a Ticket about it in-game. It would help if others did the same. That's about the best you can do. PMs don't work and posts about costumes in the Feedback forums don't generally get a lot of attention.

I've been trying to get some attention for the Orion Harnesses (can't be worn with Bare Chest any more and look incredibly clippy and stupid with Armor) and the WoK belt (flimsy and cheap looking) too. I might post another thread there soon anyway. The Jupiter Vet belt will be included.