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06-22-2011, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by Iceroid View Post
First, you should go up to 6-8 beams, 125 weapons power can handle it. Make sure you are fully specced in whatever ONE energy weapon type you use. Make sure you are using beam or energy type tactical consoles in all 3 slots. These things will help you maximize your beam damage outside of bridge officer powers.

Second, if cruisers had anywhere near the useful damage or burst potential of an escort, there would be zero reason to fly escorts. And cruisers have wayyyy more defensive ability than an escort. If you want to do massive damage, fly an escort. If you want to heal, do moderate damage over time, or be a zombie, fly a cruiser.
Once again, I'm not a newbie.... cruisers have slightly more hull and shields (which is nominal vs the damage output of this game).... healing just buys more time. I'm not suggesting cruisers damage = escorts, but it shouldn't be a game of extremes. A escort should not be able to tank 3 cruisers, a cruiser surely doesn't last long against 3 escorts. I recall a time that an escort would have to at least THINK about doing have the things they are able to do with the Aegis, Borg, etc sets.