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# 1 Any active Fleets out there?
06-22-2011, 06:01 PM
Log in after a few months of a break to find that the Fleet I was in has more or less vanished. At launch I started with a group of long time guildies/friends and we made a Klingon Fleet and made it a while. At some point they all left, think Star Trek was just not for them. At any rate with no one to game on with in that faction I moved to my Fed and tried to find a fleet there.

After some time I landed in a fleet full of great peeps and had an awesome time, now I take a break from STO for a new game, then a break from gaming all together and come back to STO to find the fed Fleet I was in has vanished and is bleeding members off. So here I am again looking for a new home.

I have 2 VAs Eng and Tac, and one each maxed on the Klingon side. I have a normal play time of 1am-4am central time though that schedule is a bit off lately for some real world things. Hope to get some STFs done, Still need to do them all and I need my borg parts as well! and of course all future content. PVP used to be a main focus for me but of late I am looking to just enjoy the game more than a min/max grind fest to pwn the other side.

In short I am looking for a great group of gamers that play at my time, love the game, enjoy talking Trek and loves scifi.