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06-22-2011, 06:35 PM
Originally Posted by twilightwolf90 View Post
Ask SteveHale or EricCarter. Pure beam FAWscorts are some of the strongest ships in the game DPS-wise.

Can we get some of your speccs?

I want a little more information before I say I that beams need any more love (if anything, nerf them).

Just to be clear, while I agree with the statement, I myself do not fly Beam/FAWscort. Reason being, while they are effective, at the moment the most effect ones rely on OP abilities (i.e. FAW) and broken mechanics (i.e. corkscrewing, the cannon blind spot). Even though it doesn't always work out in my favor, I'd prefer to have to think.

Beams are fine. BO is good damage if you manage your space bar spam and timing. Consider a torpedo or two because those are fun as well. As for Escorts, Cannons offer much greater challenge and equally more satisfying results.