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06-22-2011, 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
Originally Posted by Simale
Well yes. But it is for Diplomacy only now.

But should we lock all the other original uniform colour fields on the other uniforms as well? So the black parts are always black (TNG, VOY, DS9) and the red on the TWOK uniform and so on? No, we like to be able to change the colours as we like, don't we? So why not give us the option to recolour these areas too? Then we can choose if we want to have the original dress uniform look or not, like we can on all the other uniforms.
I was very disappointed when i got my first diplomatic uniform. There was no color customization for the bigest parts on that uniform at all, which still hasn't changed.
So i am all for having more options.

What's the point of having some customization options, if we aren't allowed to be real creative with it, by restricting the colors?

I think the devs should decide if they want us to have customizing options or not, but most of the time we just get a "maybe". I find that very unsatisfying TBH.

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