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06-22-2011, 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by cavilier210 View Post
I use the Majestic saucer, and it has rows of windows on a flat area of the underside of the saucer. Multiple rows of them. I don't like it, and I think it would be an improvement if the windows on the underside were removed, and maybe even sync'd with the rows on the sovereign.

The Noble has many MANY rows of extra decks on its hull. The hulll is smaller than the sovereigns, but somehow it has many more decks, lol. Same suggestions as above,

I think it would look a lot better. Right now the noble and majestic appear to be FULL of windows, and a few rows less, synced w/ the sovereign by height, would be a good improvement.

While i do agree with you,
i think the Nobles and Majestics general shape (and textures) need to be redone competely.

Some parts just don't fit together when mixing them, i have tried for weeks over and over (and spending millions, because in space, ships look different that at the tailor IMO) trying to create a good looking ship, but witout getting a satisfying result.
Those ship parts are just weird shaped, if you ask me.
I just hope that we will someday get some additional ship parts that actually look good.

I have been using many other ship classes but the Assult Cruiser ship parts are real special.
On other ships there are often ways to make them look more or less good, but with the Assault Cruisers ship parts this seems to be impossible IMHO.

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