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06-22-2011, 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by TalosPike View Post
You won't find me in the forums whining about microtransactions. I support the game, and have spent a lot on items in the C-Store which I think are useful, or even just cool.

I am a little twisted off about the Caitian Bridge Officer offer, though.

Long ago - probably the first day available - I purchased the playable Caitian race. Paying again for the same race, especially just as a Bridge Officer, seems to me to be parsing the microtransactions a little too much.

I am still rolling over in my mind whether it is enough to make me stop using the C-Store entirely. I am torn, because, as I said, I want to support the game (especially now with the Atari sale situation), but I also intensely dislike the sensation of being milked, or even ripped-off.

Not trying to start a revolt here; I'll be perfectly happy if people post replies which make me understand, and feel better about, the dual-charging for the Caitian race.
Heh! Buy them off the exchange. No need to spend real money on them.
I got an all Aenar bridge crew for my Andorian Captain like that.

Off topic:
For all those who havent noticed till now. The Aenar engineer has AUX to SIF 3. One BO was about 500k.