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Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
Wow, you're right. Well, my bad, I'll try harder next time. BTW, this has become the new "question 2."

See, I still like the idea of mixing and matching, having different ship classifications for each minor race at every level. For the above reason that it opens up quite a few more options when these ships start getting refit into end game viable versions and because it creates the feel that these races each have their own military history. Plus, it gives a way to slip in a Nausicaan science vessel at the Captain rank.

I admit it does create a problem if someone wants to level purely on "their" races ships. Perhaps a system of alternate skill points can be devised that apply only to race specific ships so the benefit from your "Gorn Cruiser Captain" skills can be carried over at the standard rate to your Varanus. But that creates an entirely new can of worms if refit versions of those ships ever make it live
The big problem there with that last statement is the word "if" they will probably hit...but only as C-Store purchases........