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06-23-2011, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by navyjames View Post
I think this is a good idea, and I hope it is considered by the devs. Darren_Kitlor's "Klingon Experience Project" is I believe already encouraging KDF content creation from the foundry, and helps give a larger pool from which the devs can 'spotlight' missions. If these spotlight missions can be integrated with the normal game for rewards, it would help immensely and would not require a great deal more effort than is already made for spotlighting missions.

The only issue I would see would be the old complaint of people paying a sub for player-made content, but the fact is that player made missions will always be produced far more quickly than dev missions ever will. When the devs made 8 KDF missions back in season 2, the players were over and done with them in a flash. It was a drop in the ocean.

Good, solid, enjoyable KDF missions, made with love, care and attention by players but with an official seal of approval by the devs is, in my view, the most realistic chance the KDF have for closing the mission content gap in the raw numbers needed. I think the foundry community are up to the challenge, and I hope that the idea takes off.
Thanks for posting!

Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
So the reward would be having been mentioned by the devs in an episode?...bah...perhaps a special in-game item only available to those whom they choose missions from..... No legal things there I can see right?
Rewards could be hashed out; I would not oppose the idea of an in-game item, although I believe most authors would be happy with a bi-line. Perhaps an in-game title: Research and Development Specialist? (Yeah, I'm not all that creative.) Or perhaps a limited (to the authors chosen) uniform option: a cloak or cape, a tabard, a medal, or a ceremonial scabbard/holster?

Now, one problem with rewards is they would take resources to produce, resources Cryptic doesn’t have (or they’d be making more missions – I’m the eternal optimist), so a special in-game reward may not be an option.

Thanks for your input!