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06-23-2011, 08:29 AM
The first thing to bear in mind is that the science class is not really intended to be a damage class. If you go in to it wanting to be anywhere but the lowest 1/3 on the damage chart, be prepared to be disappointed.

The primary purpose of sci is as crowd control, at which it is enormously effective, debuffing, or healing which it is also very good at.

That said, there are a few, very potent damage options.

First thing I will say is you almost have a very promising shield stripping build. Considering how much emphasis is placed on shield hardening, being able to completely negate them, can be very useful, and will help in your overall damage, and the damage of your team.

If you run Tachyon Beam 3 along with Charged Particle burst 3, you can strip over 9k shields in seconds. It can strip ALL shields clean off an escort, most off a cruiser, and a little less off a sci.

A few High Yield warheads on an unshielded escort will do some serious damage, so it works great with HY2. Very good if used with a partner with high burst DPS to take advantage of those moments.

I would recommend running 2x EPTS too for 100% uptime so your shields are permanently hardened.

Oh an don't waste valuable points on Polaron I use Tetryons on my shield stripper, otherwise I ALWAYS use disruptors or phasers. You get much more bang for your buck, giving you spare points to put in more useful areas.