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06-23-2011, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by Archanubis
Well, we still don't have the Ambassador, Constellation, Steamrunner, New Orleans, Norway... :p

Although the Klingons do need more ship skins, though they really don't have much in that department canon wise...
I am not saying that we have need of too many ships like the Federation...there's a saying by one of the NPC's currently on Qo'Nos that we do not change ship designs like the federation...we stick with what works....

We could use different adaptations of the canon vessels though... The federation on the other hand.... can have them added slowly...but since the ships you mentioned are niche ships, I think they ought to be added via c-store.... btw... speaking of C-Store...I thought the Oberth power was supposed to make it blow up i 1 it too late to make that request?