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Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
That's exactly my point. The carrot and stick they offer my Nausicaan pirate would be totally different from the carrot and stick used on a Klingon, Orion or Gorn. My Nausicaan would deal with NPC's in ways different from the standard Klingon, Orion, or Gorn reactions, sometimes in subtly different ways sometimes in dramatically different ways.

We all agree that they haven't written a Featured Episode that fits for both the Federation and KDF. They've come close but invariably you reach a problem and the solution involves apologizing, bartering or performing some mundane task that is a waste of time that destroys any KDF feel. But I'm saying it's even worse than that if you try to set a featured episode to that unique Klingon feel because that featured episode would not only destroy any Federation feel, it also would be some degree alien to the Trill, Orion, Nausicaan, Gorn and maybe even Lethean players in the KDF.

Not that it still isn't worth the effort of them to try. Put the Federation players in a "klingon costume" and have section 31 impress upon them the importance of 'maintaining their cover.' It wouldn't be any more aggravating for me to have my Nausicaan extolling the virtues of honor and dying in battle this time than it was when he was on the galley of the dead and it certainly wouldn't be any more aggravating than the task of fixing a lady a warm, medium strength drink in a little stemmed glass with a drop of honey but with a sour taste to it.
I totally agree with you.

But, the primary form of new content coming into the game right now are these faction-agnostic FE's. So that's the vehicle we have to educate players as to the "Klingon Way" and the "Gorn Way" and so on.

Hopefully we can get even more of those kinds of missions in the First City and when the Klingon Academy is released.