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06-23-2011, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by Kasensal
The Orions are a purely matriarchal society that pretends not to be from the outside. By 2409 I think everyone's figured them out though.
If that's true, then why did B'vat have an Orion consort?

It may be the case that not every Orion "love slave" is actually a spy. While all Orion women have the pheromones, not all of them are able to control men with them.

Part of my Orion's unspoken background is the fact that she was indeed captured in a pirate raid as a young girl, and was in fact a slave for part of her youth (prior to maturity). So although she does have the ability to "Seduce" (in game terms), she was never part of the Orion ruling class and is more familiar with Ferengi and Klingon cultures than her own.

Besides, if the Orions aren't clever enough to keep everybody else guessing as to whether some of the women are actually slaves or not, I'll eat my d'k tahg point first.