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06-23-2011, 11:58 AM
As some people have already recommended, anti-borg weapons are great. Shields with plasma resists, and I think Polyweave with Plasma resists. The Borg really love to get in your face. They either have that full auto plasma weapon or are smacking you around. Also use the Borg Tribble if you have it. Hyposprays will also remove that annoying root.

I am currently using weapons that have an innate knockback, the energy type is Tetryon or Polaron with KB3 or DOT3 for my away team. Nice when it does proc and you get a large group of Borg with Weapon Malfunction, shame it only lasts 5 seconds.

My science toon, has two split beams. I switch between Geophys & Bioresearch kits at the moment. Rooting Borg then setting them on fire in a doorway or corridor.

Draw Fire - for damage reduction & it ramps up that toons threat level to +500%
Overwatch - damage reduction plus chance to expose
Suppressing Fire (in season 4 it becomes a pbaoe, so your entire team gains this ability for x seconds.)
Target Optics
Using a Full Auto Assault weapon + Suppressing Fire

Drone - more firepower
Shield Recharge - shield heals
*Quick Fix, Equip Diagnostics
*Note: might switch skills to get turret and weapon malfunction when season 4 hits holodeck

Science - Dedicated Medic

I am still debating what my final away team toon should be and what skills they should have. Might go for another tactical, so I can root Borg, set them on fire then plasma nade them.

I tested out pulsewave 'shotguns' on tribble in Assimilated. They were quite effective at knocking back the Borg. Just set up ambushes, lure them around corners to get a facefull of pulswaves, drones and turrets. One thing you do not want is to get swarmed by Borg, flanked and assimilated. Then have your entire away team go all borg on you.