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Originally Posted by Igax View Post
Log in after a few months of a break to find that the Fleet I was in has more or less vanished. At launch I started with a group of long time guildies/friends and we made a Klingon Fleet and made it a while. At some point they all left, think Star Trek was just not for them. At any rate with no one to game on with in that faction I moved to my Fed and tried to find a fleet there.

After some time I landed in a fleet full of great peeps and had an awesome time, now I take a break from STO for a new game, then a break from gaming all together and come back to STO to find the fed Fleet I was in has vanished and is bleeding members off. So here I am again looking for a new home.

I have 2 VAs Eng and Tac, and one each maxed on the Klingon side. I have a normal play time of 1am-4am central time though that schedule is a bit off lately for some real world things. Hope to get some STFs done, Still need to do them all and I need my borg parts as well! and of course all future content. PVP used to be a main focus for me but of late I am looking to just enjoy the game more than a min/max grind fest to pwn the other side.

In short I am looking for a great group of gamers that play at my time, love the game, enjoy talking Trek and loves scifi.
We are recruiting for Liberty fleet. We are not too big and not small but just about the right size. We focus on member satisfaction as “priority”. We value each and every member of our fleet and we are not a typical “corporate entity” kind of fleet with clueless organization and zero membership satisfaction.
We do have an active RP department as well as Foundry events/STFs/PvPs/PvE and many other fleet enhancing events. Our organization structure provides constant support to members 24/7 so all members from different time zones worldwide are welcome to the fleet. We enjoy the diversity and truly try to keep our members happy. We hope that you will find a “home” fleet with us here at Liberty fleet.

PM me for a hassle free invitation

Sam Nun@2007-2007