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06-23-2011, 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by Alan_81 View Post
More fantastic 25th century uniform additions! Great work my friend! Nice one!

I'm curious, Blackavaar...what would you say is your favourite Starfleet uniform out of all Star Trek media (i.e. TV, movies, books, games, etc.)? Feel free to have more than one favourite btw.
Thanks! Glad you like them.

And that's a good question. It's hard to answer because really, I love them all. Yes, even the oddly pajama-like TMP uniforms. I suppose I would have to say that my all time favorites would be the TOS uniforms. They're so simple and yet so striking. It's hard to top that. But I can't dismiss the wonderful utility of the Enterprise uniforms either. So, they would have to be my runner-up.