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# 1 Shadow War Series
06-23-2011, 03:56 PM
I've been kinda dragging my feet on this, but considering the number of people who have been playing my missions recently, I think it's time to start a thread on the Shadow War Series. you go.

In order, the missions are as follows:

1. Shadow War - Mist in the Night
2. Shadow War II - Foothold
3. Shadow War III - Swordfish
4. Shadow War IV - Spectre
And, in tentative development....
5. Shadow War V - Collateral Damage (Will be released Soon™)
6. ??

My missions tend to be a bit heavy on combat, with the fourth installment featuring even heavier combat than normal. However, I'm planning on Part 5 to be nearly combat free. It'll be more of a diplomacy / investigation mission. Any information beyond that is, well....classified =P

A special thank you to everyone who has reviewed my missions! And just because my tentative list ends at 6 doesn't necessarily mean there will only be six Shadow War missions. I have a feeling this series will consume all eight of my foundry slots...