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# 113 The Academy
06-23-2011, 08:48 PM
Thinking back to the Academy, I canít help remember how difficult it had been for me. I excelled in all my courses, and got along well with all of my instructors. The social aspects gave me the most difficulty. I was a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by dozen of species from a hundred different worlds. Vulcans and their logic; Tellarites and their antagonism; Rigelians and their Spirits; Bajorans and their religion; and the humans Ö It was strange. It was wonderful. And there were no Borg.

On Tobarrus, we traded with a handful of neighbors. They supported our guerilla war against the Borg with food, fuel, and hiding places. In return, we provided protection and in a few rare instances, search and rescue operations when a member of the ruling clan was assimilated. Our actions dictated the fate of dozens of worlds with each and every encounter with the Borg. When a Tobarrii made a mistake, millions of people suffered for it. Yet, our neighbors continued to support our efforts, despite the fact that we even kept the location of the Tobarrii home world secret.

At the Academy, I felt like a curiosity; a spectacle for all to see. Who was this alien that day after day fought the Borg in a faraway quadrant of the galaxy? People would stare and point. If I had understood the Federation better, I would have leveraged my fame to my advantage. Instead, my classmates would approach me and ask a few harmless questions. However, Tobarrii do not share sensitive and private information with strangers. It isolated me even further.

I didnít make any friends until my final year at the Academy. By that time, I understood my classmates better. I had learned the proper etiquette for speaking with a Tellarite; that asking a Vulcan how theyíre feeling will always end up in a lecture about something dull and boring; that you donít discuss religion or politics with humans; and so much more. My favorite courses at the Academy were Anthropology and sociology. Iíve taken them up as a hobby, since then. In fact, I have made it a point to have one of the most diverse crews in Starfleet, just so I can learn more about their cultures and societies.