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06-24-2011, 12:15 AM
Ideologically a carrier makes the most sense. Plenty of opportunities for individual glory in the field of battle from a cockpit. Your more senior, wounded or experienced by not quite as quick, and more strategic types hang back and command from behind the front lines. Much as it's portrayed as such, a 50 year old admiral missing an eye should not be out in the thick of it on a fighting ship.

From what we've seen on TV though, Negh'var battleship is sort of it. The vor'cha's and bird of prey's are battlecruisers and something akin to an 18th century frigate respectively. Commerce raiders, great for prize money and hunting down smaller, weaker prey. But when you're looking to play with the big boys, it's the Negh'Var style. If I were to draw historical parallels, the vor'cha is like the Hood, fast, proportionally well armoured and gunned, but a heavier ship would stand up better in an exchange of fire (see, bismarck). Step it up a notch, and you have the Yamato/Negh'var style. Not as fast, but really hard to bring down in a fight.

Here, I think, unlike the federation and DTNE you have a lot more flexibility. The big negh'var and vor'cha's are both inspired from the same basic, but much less specific form. A long centre line main gun, with two nacelles on wings - and beyond that sort of have at it.

The Qu'daj looks like it would make a viable start to a carrier (even though itself is a battleship). Invert the nacelles, mounts some point defence hardpoints on the hammerhead and put a fighter bay or two down the centre line with frigate docks on the main hull near the engines.