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Originally Posted by CapnLogan
In your opinion, what class of ship would be an ideal KDF Flagship vessel? Lets say hypothetically there were a similar contest to the DTNE contest except for the KDF faction, which class of ship would be ideal?

Unofficial!, hypothetical. This post in no way means this will actually happen - EVER. I'm in no position to do such things... I am, however - as a fan - in a position to ask this community this question

Traditionally, the Klingon Flagships were Battlecruisers.
  • Gorkon's ship, Qo'nos One, was a K'T'inga Battlecruiser.
  • K'mpec's was a Vor'cha Battlecruiser.
  • Gowron's first flagship was a Vor'cha and later he replaced it with the newer Negh'var Battlecruiser.
  • In the Mirror Universe, Regent Worf's flagship was in a Super Negh'var.
  • And Martok's (well fake Martok) flagship, the I.K.S. Negh'var, was a flagship for the Klingon fleet during the brief war with the Federation.

But now in STO, you got the Vo'Quv Carriers, which are massive command ships and are regarded as flagships. Notably the I.K.S. Kaarg in the Klingon Scout Force Fleet Action as well as the I.K.S. Chang with the Gamma Orionis Fleet.

Personally, as a fan of the Klingon Empire, I really hope the Battlecruiser Flagship tradition is retained.

If by some stroke of luck and CBS blesses us with a Klingon Ship Design contest, I would really love it if I can enter my Qib'elth-Class Battlecruiser. Of course, I don't think I'd be legally elligable to enter due to me being one of the Enterprise-F Contest's runner ups.

(BTW, I updated the Bridge Area on my ship. So it's much meaner than in this picture).