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06-24-2011, 12:33 AM
I'd make it a cruiser. A carrier, historically, sure. But I think carriers make more sense in the kind of era when the KDF has more allies than enemies and go against the "hail mary" "suicide rush" tactics that I think would motivate the Klingons in a flagship. I could actually see their flagship being a death sentence where a General gets a boat full of convicts eager to redeem themselves and goes on nothing but suicide missions until it manages to blow up in battle. Rinse, repeat.

With that in mind, I'd say a cruiser. You want it durable enough to survive in hostile terrain but the kind of thing it doesn't hurt to blow up once every few months.

In terms of the look?

Start with something like an Excelsior in that it has a boat shaped primary hull but amped up into something that's a cross between a Roman galley ship and a Viking ship. It has something like a saucer but instead of an oval jutting forward, it's a tongue depresser shape jutting backward over the primary hull. Big Bird of Prey wings jutting down from the Boat/Primary hull portion, maybe with a bit of a bat shape to them.

Four nacelles, two on the rear and two at the ends of the wings. This is an assault cruiser type configuration and should be a quick and maneuverable cruiser.