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Originally Posted by mister_dee
dontdrunkimshoot, could you please share with us where some of your information regarding the difference in performance between the K't'inga and the Constitution come from, what border incident you're refrring to and where it was ever stated that the K't'inga is called D8 or that it was an entirely new constuction?
Some of it reminds me of Klingon Academy while other stuf for example totally contradicts the old 1980's FASA material, which made it pretty clear the K't'inga was not a 1-on-1 match for the Constitution.
I'd be very curious which soft/non canon material you used as background.
The D-8 is the fourth and final iteration on the classic Dírell type hull whose evolution apparently began with the D-4. It is for all intents and purposes a heavily uprated D-7, with an improved shielding system and photon torpedoes in place of its disruptors. Coupled with the Dírell hullís proven maneuverability these upgrades make the D-8 a worthy foe for Star Fleetís new linear warp refitted starships.
The D-8 was first seen in action during the VíGer Crisis of 2267. As VíGer made its way across Klingon space a trio of D-8 battlecruisers unsuccessfully attempted to engage it near the Organian Treaty Zone. All three vessels were destroyed in the process; however, extensive intelligence was gathered on the encounter by the nearby Epsilon 9 monitor station (which was itself destroyed by VíGer shortly thereafter). Analysis of the data confirmed that the Klingons were keeping pace with Federation starship technology and that in a fair fight the D-8 would prove to be a formidable opponent. In practice the D-8 has proven to be the Klingon equivalent of the Enterprise class heavy cruiser, once again establishing relative parity between the two interstellar powers for a time.
The D-8 is currently the mainstay of the Klingon battlecruiser fleet. It has replaced both of its predecessors, the D-6 and D-7, on the Klingon production schedule and has all but replaced them in major fleet operations. As all of these are brand new, fitted with the latest in Klingon starship technology advances, the D-8 will most likely remain a common sight for decades to come.