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06-24-2011, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by constantin_valdor87 View Post
Only had this game a week and this rawr dinobot not happy =( so when did this happen im 18.38 GMT here so no idea how long its been down or when it will back so answers on a postcard pwease (im 24 im just typing like a child so i dont go ape****....)

This isn't a usual downtime, it's an unscheduled repair do to server issues. Usually their scheduled downtime is in the middle of the night (mid morning your time) once a week, and only lasts a couple hours, this might take a little longer, who knows, I'm sure someone from cryptic will pop in here when its back up.
I hope they get the server back up soon, I want my Q boost.

Edit: I got ninja'd by a whole bunch of people.