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06-24-2011, 01:43 PM
Now the word "must is being used to ship request. Well like in the federation you can debate such a notion, hell even make a prototype. perhaps section 39 might hear you call for such a ship. oh but this game only has section 39 as a hmmm pretend notion. not even a glimar or mmo focus.

The problem in this game is there is no focus on a subject matter but making money and throwing into the mix pot more garbage. The game is being ruined by the c-store to see how much money you can gain from it.

some of you want one just for no reason. any cruiser if it has room can store fighters. you do not need a carrier. this is not the sea but space. there is no point to a carrier as this is star trek and cruisers can help organize fighters. do not forget that fighters from the federation have warp ability.