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Originally Posted by mister_dee
I'm sorry but the centuries don't make much sense.

The F-5 is an SFB ship and is a contemporary of the D-6/7 line from the 23rd century.
The D-7 is a 23rd century ship, not 21st.
Most of the ships listed from the 21st century, like the D-7 are from the 23rd century.
The reason for the odd date listings is the fact that the old "Space Flight Chonology" as well as the old FASA material used an entirely different stardate measuring system.
They used Stardate 0 as January 1st 2000.
So all later dates have to be adjusted accordingly.
For example the Constitution is given with an in service date of Stardate 1/8801, which would be 2188 according to the Spaceflight chronology calender (the "1" before the slash giving the century) while according to Roddenberry the 1701 Enterprise is from the 2240's.
The old "Final Frontier" novel by Diane Carey also uses the old "Space Flight Chronology" calender.

Also the ships are mostly from two different universes, the ones from FASA and from SFB which both use totally different timelines and calenders.
For example the SFB universe does not actually state when their year 0 is compared to our calender, only that year 0 is the first contatct between the humans and the Vulcans.
However as a good point of reference we can use the Organia incident (TOS:"Errand of Mercy") which according to the "Prime Directive" RPG was in the year 156 of the SFB tiemline, or 2267 according to the current Star Trek calender.
From there service dates can be calculated with some measure of accuracy.

Also the proper term for the Klingon military is and always has been "Klingon Defense Force" or "KDF", not "Klingon Imperial Navy", IKN or whatever /*
I used the material from a variety of Mandel, FASA, Websites etc. I Agree the dates and timelines are seriously inconflict as are some of the classifications. I merely repoduced them as listed to answer WishBone's request for material.