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06-25-2011, 07:10 AM
Why can't they design something like the starship parts test they have on the front page of the Startrekonline webpage called architect.

Where you match the starship parts with the starship design out line.

They also have all the parts in game so far. when you kitbash your ship when you costumize it.

With the c-store starship costumes. You have up to 4 designs to pick and choose from.

So half of the work is already done ahead of time.

All they really have to do is setup something where if your trying to build a cruiser. You have access to all the Cruiser starship class of parts and star picking and chooseing from the list of saucer part, pylon parts and so on.

I think this is some thing that could be done in time for STO's 2 Ann. in feburary of next year.