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06-26-2011, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
The spinal beam miss yes, But you can improve your chances a lot. accuracy trait + tractor beam...and do not use it on targets with evasive / omega...after i have found the right combination i hardly miss, but often hit hardened shields which seems to do nothing (my fault for bad timing actually).

I'm using 2x DHC on mine, and i have no problem facing target. Sure it takes effort, but it comes down to the helsman. Even Galaxy can turn quickly if you use proper set of abilties.

Its tough ship to play yes, but there is plenty of other fed cruisers for easier gameplay out need to turn this one to another clone of theirs. Its a unique fed gameplay option, dont ruin it with another sovereign clone with cloak and spinal phaser.
it is possible to make it work, i will admit i have seen once or twice someone use it very effectively, might have been you even. its a very focused ship built from a very general purpose line of ships so its learning curve is different from everything else. its only useful when you fly it like you describe, and then it ends up being a one trick pony. just not my cup of tea though, but i am glad at least some people can be effective with it