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06-26-2011, 08:58 AM
Part of the trick in this ship comes from the proper application of defense debuffs. I'm not going to claim that compared to the Excelcior with Beam Overload 3 that you'll do better always, or top the DPS numbers different ship different trade offs. IMHO the Excelcior is the "Best" cross between escort and cruiser classes in game at the moment.

But if you want to make the lance hit more consistently I'd suggest the following in your Alpha:

Target Engines 2
Tractor Beam 1
Charged Particle Burst 1
Fire On My Mark III

The logic behind this is relatively simple, you want to do your best to drop your target's Bonus defense as low as possible which directly affects their chance for a "miss". Bonus Defense is tied to engine power (which many people leave low). That with Tractor Beam 1 should drop your target's bonus defense to nearly 0 (in some cases negative bonus defense). You'll apply Fire on my Mark for the hull debuff, pop an AUX Battery Charged Particle Burst 1 for your free 2000(ish) per facing shield strip and create an opening in the shields. At this point a lance strike should hit more often than not.

CPB 1 isn't a mandatory skill, but when you target engines (and disable them now and then) the usual formula is to pop a Tac Team, since it's a cheap skill in terms of cool down, while attempting to either reroute power to engines. At full spec using CPB 1 you're effectively removing 8000(ish) shields in total, by passing any shield resists.

Anyway just some thoughts that worked for me in the past.