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06-26-2011, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by BlackMagnum
...So another question regarding the ship. Since I am not to think of it as a beam boat, what weapons should I be using? I know that I should be specced into phasers because of the lance. So should it be canons?
While I have tried using DHC on the ship, I'd personally suggest not depending on them. Once that Alpha is done, it can be a long three minutes of trying to survive with a crippled broadside. If the ship was given an INNATE cannon rapid fire 1 I'd probably advocate more cannon usage, but as it is, you trade a lot of sustained DPS for a little burst DPS using cannons.

I tend to prefer:

2x DBB
2x Beam Array

3x Beam Array
1x Tric

If you do use cannons, I'd recommend a phaser only spec, using the Phaser boosting consoles so that all your beams/cannons/lance get the full benefit.