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Originally Posted by ShinRa_Actual View Post
Well, there's a couple of options from the literature when it comes to Birding up the Romulan ship tree when things get to that point; Preybird (Proto-BOP), Swarmbird, Stormbird (Romulan D-7s), et cetera. We're a ways off from that, but if Cryptic wants some help/advice in that area, they know how to contact me.
"Battlebird" also sounds kinda fun.
The guys who make the Dominion War mod for Birth of the Federation use that one for their basic cruiser.
I'm currently working on a post-Nemesis refit for a Romulan D-7 3-d model (the novel "The Art of the Impossible" indicates the House of Duras aquired both wealth and close ties with the Romulans by selling off surplus ships in the early 24th century)
It would be a stop-gap refit required to fill the ranks because of the losses from the Dominion War with the kaboom of Romulus forcing them to stay in service even longer.
My guess is something similar to the old FASA Stormbird term would fit such a ship as well.