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06-26-2011, 10:47 AM
The problem with Galaxy-X is that people follow wrong assumtion that it plays like cruiser and the lance just adds spike.

Most take common beam cruiser build and apply it, then think...ah phaser lance ! superb....i will broadside my enemy, then turn and spike it dead.

Now thats the problem...the common broadside cruiser build cannot turn in time to exploit the opening for the lance.

broadside + lance doesn't work, unless you want it really as occassional spike for unlocloaking opening. If you want the lance to actually finish the job instead start it, you have to invest in movement abilities (EPtE, Aux to Damp) and actually fly it like "escort" aka point on your target most of the time, else you will NEVER land the lance as finisher. When you realize you have to use the forward arc, you can as well use DHCs, which is another strong point of the ship.

The trick is movement. A broadside cruiser doesnt need to move much, Galaxy-X needs movement.

Now you can wonder how to fight escorts with that dreadfull turn rate ? simple

Escort/Bop licking your nacelless ?

1. tractor beam
2. reverse (i have throttle on mouse wheel - best for manuvers) so for me is just wheel back to reverse
3. EptE - backward burst

---> now you target will be before you

4. NUKE to drop shields / snb shields buff + lance while target is immobilized with lance
5. Profit !

if you are low, below 50% hull

4b. Aux to damp + brace for impact + RAMMING SPEED

Nothing beats the feeling when you tractor escort behind you, get behind it, and ram it to death Works best on those pesky squishy BoPs..


The other option is to use the lance for frist alpha..thats tricky, if targets harden shields you will "miss" or rather do minimum dmg to shields. The lance is much more powerful as finisher, than opener. Especially when it drains your weapon power.


Galaxy-X is the crappiest fed cruiser for broadsiding (Galaxy-R has more engineering options to buff dmg such as DEM)
Galaxy-X is the best fed cruiser for spike

There is nothing wrong with the ship. Although as i said, i would prefer +10weapon/+10 engine power, it fits the role of the ship more. Definitly not lt.cmd tactical, nor another tactical console).


Now i do not want to lecture anyone about the ship, flying it about 14 days with my tac. But that are my observations.