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06-26-2011, 11:21 AM
Just my 0,02 Euros.
I think the Galaxy -X needs a better turn rate.
The tactic some are suggesting is a devastating Alpha strike, but what if it fails?
(believe me in many cases your emeny WILL survive it)

I would love to swap the ability to use cannons for a higher turn rate any time, i always saw the Spinal lance as a weapon of opportunity, the only real reason for me to use that ship is the BO layout. (and because i hate the Excelsiors and the Sovereigns looks )
Right now the only way to increase your turn rate in a efficient way is Auy to Dampeners, but you sacrifice a lot of survivability if you decide to use 2 of those powers (and even more if you use Tractor Beam, btw.).
While you cannot outrun a superior number of enemies, you will die more often on occasion.

In my opinion the Galaxy -X could be a really great ship IF it had a higher turn rate, so that torpedoes, the spinal lance or even heavy cannons could be used more often, instead once every half hour, when your enemies happen to be in your front.
I have no idea, why they couldn't just make it a copy of the negh va (turn rate), i will never understand that.

Btw. killing an emeny with an alpha strike, so he has no chance to defend himself is not very fun IMHO.

But i have only Ker'rat solo experience with that ship.
(Originaly i thought that this could be the perfect ship for me, but it wasn't. 20 Bucks thrown out of the window, sadly.)
But when playing in a team, this whole story may look different, of course.

Live long and prosper.