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06-26-2011, 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers
Correct me if I am wrong,

2000 Tokens, or 500 Emblems:

Siege Destroyer - unlocked on all LT Gen. characters on an account.

1200 Tokens, or 500 Emblems:

Veranus, Marauder and the B'Rel - unlocked on all LT Gen. characters on an account.

I purchased the Siege Destoyer and it was unlocked on all my characters.

I purchased the Veranus and the Marauder, but on two of my toons I do not see them as a pickup, only on the toon with which I purchased them, so I can't be sure about that?

Maybe I missed you point though? Do you mean when you hit LT Gen. do you get a ship token and can it be usd for one of the above? Sorry - can't remember!
Buying ships with emblems unlocks them on the character that purchased it, not account wide. The Guramba costs 830 emblems, not 500.

Technically, the only real LTG ships are the Orion Cruiser, the KarīFi Carrier, the Bīrel and the Varanus Support vessel. They are available for the LTG ship token. Buying them from the c-store unlocks them for all LTG characters on an account.

The Guramba is only available for emblems or through the store.