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06-26-2011, 03:52 PM
well, not doing damage doesnt mean your not helping the team. I run my sci/intepid build with high aux and do very little damage. Ask any of my fleetmates if they like having me on the team however. I run CPB3, two tractors and the rest heals for my science skills and am a huge help to a team for holds, burning through shields, and heals. Regularly at the top of the charts for heals, and not many escort captains care for the 2nd tractor and the CPB3 throw at them. being a science captain running high aux also means having a crazy dampening field damage mitigation for the team also. FBP definately helps your damage numbers and self preservation, but I prefer abilities that will help my team over myself. Just my 2 cents though

Edit: Oh, and I run two chroniton torps out the front (allows firing 1 torp every 5 seconds=avg chroniton proc every 15 seconds) and two chroniton mines in the back. I stack another target engines1 as well as my inherant target abilities also. My whole goal is to slow down our target, pull down a shield and keep my teammates alive in the process. One beam array front and back gives me a 360 degree arc for me to use target abitilies. All of these equal laughable damage numbers every match. Its really bad for any ship to score less in damage than my setup unless their doing something similar.